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Just some preliminary info here ...
How do you collect postmarks, anyway?
Well, the easy answer is ... however you want to! Some people try to get one of every date, and some people are happy with one postmark from each town. Serious researchers try to identify every TYPE of marking, when it was used, and how rare it is.

General Album pages to download
Here are some album page files I made up that I think you will find helpful:
  • Blank Pages - various layouts all included in one file:
    • one per year (30 years per page: 1871-1900, 1901-1930, 1931-1960, 1961-1990)
    • two through six blank rows per page.
    • rows with "earliest" and "latest" columns, for slogan cancels

Album pages by country
This batch is a little different. These are blank pages for specific countries, for LARGER TOWNS only. After trying many things, I find that my old 1980 atlas has the best representation of these towns. I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars trying to find references for every known post office in the world. So these files help me narrow it down: most of the postmarks you'll find will be from the towns on these pages (with 1980 populations given for comparisons0 ... and the ones not listed here are much less common. I will try to make more areas available when I get a chance.
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