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by Scott Virtes Stamps
San Marcos, CA 92026

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All of the listed lots and accumulations are currently available. We try to keep these lists up to date, but there is always a chance of data error. In most cases the items are unique, so please contact me by e-mail if you want one of these lots. I will hold it for you until your payment arrives. Email us using this online form.

Items are listed as NEW or SOLD for 3-4 weeks. Items marked "Reserved" are in the process of being sold, but may become available again if the sale does not complete.


Shipping is never simple ... we keep trying to keep the costs down while the rates are going up. We will ship your first 3 lots for $1.00, with just $0.20 added for each additional lot. Note that some lots have an "Extra shipping charge" -- this is due to their weight, and will be added to the total. Shipping to Canada or Mexico is 30% higher, and to overseas is 70% higher; if paying by Paypal, we will send you an invoice for the extra amount (sorry for any trouble).

We will send most lots by First Class mail or Priority mail in North America, and Air Mail overseas. For heavy lots, we will offer UPS and other options. Packaging may add an ounce or two to the weight of some lots.

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